These Fabulous States Make It Easy To Explore German Food

Different regions in Germany, different types of food

Germany is one of the world's most visited nations. Travelers from all over the globe come to Germany to explore this nation's incredibly rich culture and history. One of the many defining traits of Germany are the country's differing regions. Each part of Germany has specific places to admire and adore. It also has many kinds of regional specialties. There are many different types of German food. If you are interested in German food, you'll find a whole new world to appreciate and admire everywhere you turn. From Berlin to Saarland and beyond, it's all there waiting for you to savor.

Asparagus To Appreciate

One of the many products Germans love to eat is that of the marvelous white asparagus. Asparagus has a relatively short growing season that means it must be harvested carefully in order to make the most of it. Germans love the white variety that needs of care to bring to the consumer. It is much enjoyed because it has a nicely sweet flavor that has incredible textures that go so well with so many other things Germans love to eat. There's a route in a part of the country known as the Badische Spargelstrasse or Baden Asparagus Route. It's right next another famously well traveled area known as the Badische und Wuerttembergische Weinstrasse or the regional wine route. This is a great place to sample regional wines and admire the vineyards here at the same time. Cooking in this part of Germany is based on traditional foods. As such it's often hearty and incredible filling. Chow down on slices of black forest ham along with the warmly thick onion soup made over the stove known as Badische Zwiebelsuppe.

Hit the Capital

The nation's current capital, Berlin is an incredible city that deserves to be seen in person. Berlin is home to many people of varied backgrounds who come together to make this a place to enjoy. In general, the cuisine here can be divided into several types. There's a cuisine based around enjoying many varied types of meat dishes. The Berliners enjoy their meat and it shows everywhere you look. Try currywurst. It's a large sausage that has been carefully blended with a mixture of spices adapted from other parts of the world. Berliners love eating this one when they're pressed for time. Pork knuckle topped with sauerkraut is another thing you have to eat when you're here. It's about a slow simmered piece of meat full of juice. When you're done with a meat snack, it's time for one with lots of sweetness to it. Sample the world famous Berliner. It's a jelly doughnut topped with lots of sugar. Inside, there's a filling of different kinds of fruit depending on the season. Berliners love eating these after they've been freshly fried and come right out of the over crisp and ready to eat. If you're in Berlin you'll also want to take the time and spend some of it enjoying one of many terrific types of regional beers. The Berliners like theirs with a marinated chuck of herring. The rollmop is just right for any kind of beer as well as reminding Berliners of their love of the sea.

Lovely Sausages

Sausage is an essential part of German culture. This is the place to sample an incredible array of sausages made by experts all over the country. You'll find Frnkische Bratwurst in the north. It's typically roasted carefully and made by hand and then served hot with a side of highly marinated German potato salad. Horseradish and homemade bread are also favorites that make this one a favorite any time of the year. Other variants include the sausage made in the charming town of Coburg that combines beef and pork. The people of Nuremburg have their own regional sausage that is typically much smaller than a standard version. The fried patty known as schnitzel is another common favorite eaten in many places. It's served in many different ways including with a bit of lemon or brought to the table with an elegant sauce of mushrooms gathered locally.

Types Of German Food

A German Garden

One of the many wonderful things about Germany is that it is known as the place to find lots of amazing fruit and vegetables. Many small towns here offer wonderful produce known in other parts of Germany for special qualities. For example, Teltow has a crop of particularly sweet turnips that make for a fantastic vegan lunch or a side dish to love. Beelitz is famous for incredibly tender asparagus. This area is also where you'll find some of the best of German pickles. Look for Nowka. It's a factory that brings products like gherkins and apple sauce for the greater market at large. You can stop by here for a tour showing off all that is wonderful about eating here.

By the Sea

The sea has always played an integral part of in German life. People in many parts of Germany look to sea for things they can bring to the plate. They like all sorts of fish and shellfish. Herring and eel are particularly admired in many parts of Germany. You'll want to eat Bratheringe. These are herring prepared a number of different ways right from the sea The herring can be appreciated fried or marinated in locally grown spices that bring out the wonderful texture of the fish. Eel is also quite popular. It's even made into a soup. There are versions without the eel but many people love to stick to their traditions and keep eating this healthy meal at home. Fish is not the only thing on the menu. Thick stews are another favorite that gets people through the long German nights. There's a specific type known as the national. This has several forms depending on the German town. They like it with pork belly in Lubeck while rutabagas are preferred in Hamburg.

Fish and Cheese

Fish and cheese are very much loved in many parts of Germany today. Start with the smoked fish. The Saxons like their both hot smoked and cold smoked. They smoke many types of fish including eel. This is a good place to try lots of different kinds of German cheeses including those with caraway seeds. There are many different kinds of German cheese here often made in small batches ready to sample on fresh bread. Look for them on the shelves of local grocery stores. While coffee and beer are popular, the Saxons also love tea. Tea time is observed in East Frisia. Sit down with a cup and some German pastries for an authentic local experience.

Cider and Sauerbraten

The Germans really love their varied types of boiled meat. Start with a taste of Sauerbraten that says home for so many Germans. It's a slowly marinated dish that breaks down the meat until it's very tender and ready for the fork now. Look for it over classic boiled noodles. Pumpernickel bread is another favorite that's not only eaten locally but all over the world today. It comes to life here with thick loaves right for sharing and ready to stand up to any topping you have in mind. The Halve Hahn is a sandwich with Gouda cheese combined with mustard and fried onions. Apples are another favorite that are widely grown in the soils here. You can find them in a wide variety of dishes as well as lots of different types of cold apple cider.

Wines and Apples

Cider is comparatively delicate beverage is made from many different types of regional apples. Try glasses of mosel wine that pair nicely with so many German classics. It's a beloved favorite that is full of lots of different notes reflecting the regional soil. Potatoes are widely appreciated and served in a great many preparations. Join in the fun with a well made potato pancake with a bacon gravy made from cream. They like their greens as well. You'll find dandelion greens on the menu that are freshly gathered and turned into a salad with lots of subtle and elegant flavors.

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