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It can be a joy to feast on food items from different parts of the planet. It can be particularly joyous to nosh on food items that come from Germany. Food from Germany has had a huge influence on populations all around the planet for decades and decades. It doesn't matter if you have a penchant for potatoes, sausages, baked goods or anything else along those lines. Odds are high that you have an appreciation for German cuisine, plain and simple. Thankfully, you no longer have to search hard to get your hands on food items from Germany anywhere in the vast United States. That's because German Food Box is available to save the day for you and for countless other enthusiastic foodies. We're an online shop that dazzles shoppers with a vast assortment of food products that hail from Germany. We're headquartered in Rotonda West, Florida and cater to customers all throughout the United States. If you're an avid foodie on the West Coast, we can accommodate your cravings. If you're an avid foodie on the East Coast or anywhere else, we can do the same exact thing for you.

How exactly do we cater to foodies everywhere? Foodies can head to our online shop in order to satisfy their urges to chow down on foods from Germany. Note, too, that we have a monthly subscription box available. If you sign up for this subscription, you can receive a box of tasty food items all the way from Germany each month. Our subscription boxes differ on a monthly basis. That's why it's impossible for people to anticipate what will come up next. That's part of the beauty of it as well. There's never a dull moment for our subscribers, and that's not an exaggeration. Our boxes consist of bona fide German products alone. If you're a fan of food items that were produced in Germany, then you can't go wrong with our thrilling boxes.

We don't ever scrimp with our boxes, either. They're composed of between six and eight total items from Germany. We don't pick these tasty items at random. They're lovingly picked by aficionados. We take many things into consideration as well. Our aim is to showcase food items that do right by Germany. If you want to revel in an amazing glimpse into Germany's culinary scene, then our boxes definitely won't disappoint you.

What might you unveil after opening one of our monthly subscription boxes? German foodies can't get enough of famed "spaetzle." This is an egg noodle that has a wonderfully soft texture. If you adore the concept of noshing on something that's reminiscent of a blend of pasta and dumplings, then spaetzle may be right up your alley.

German Foods

Meat lovers can rejoice. If you adore Bavarian sausage, then you may be fortunate enough to get a box that includes Weisswurst. Weisswurst can be amazing for folks who appreciate food items that come from Munich. If you appreciate minced calf, spices and herbs galore, then you won't be able to turn away from Weisswurst and its incredible flavors. Don't forget to combine it with a mustard that's sweet.

Bratwurst is another legendary German staple. People who adore beef, pork and veal tend to gravitate to this sausage. It's practically a German institution at this point.

What could sound more appealing than potato fritters from Germany? If you're a potato devotee, then you may want to test out delectable "kartoffelpuffer" or "reibekuchen." These fritters are favorites in all different parts of Germany. They're frequently seen right next to apple sauce as well.

It can be hard to find folks who don't go crazy for bread. If you're a bread enthusiast, then you may want to open up a subscription box that features weizenmischbrot or simply "mixed wheat bread." If you're keen on hearty crusts, then you won't be able to turn away from this kind of bread. It's a baked option that's ideal for the planet's most devoted rye flour fans.

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do, that's no problem. Countless admirers of German foods do, and with good reasoning. Our subscription boxes are in many cases equipped with incredible "schaumkusse." If you go weak in the knees at the mere suggestion of marshmallow immersed in chocolate, then this treat may be right up your alley. It's a classic German offering that includes eggwhite foam and light wafers. If you adore crunchy and lightweight food items, then you'll fall rapidly in love with schaumkusse and its plentiful sweet tastes.

Few things on the planet can sound more enticing than honey from Germany. "Deutscher Honig" is a powerhouse among sweets devotees everywhere. It's a kind of bee honey that has a delicate transparent look to it. If you're keen on honey that has a golden appearance, then you won't be able to turn your back on this wondrous stuff. It's completely natural, too. What more could German culinary fans want?

Black forest gateau or "black forest cake" or even "Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte" has been a biggie among people who adore German foods for ages and ages now. If you're enamored by the deep and rich tastes of chocolate, then the sight of this cake inside of a subscription box will surely fill you with the highest degree of glee and euphoria. This rich and decadent cake in most cases has numerous layers. If you're unable to resist cherries, whipped cream and chocolate sponge cake, this dessert is surely the exact thing you need in your mouth. Remember, we exclusively pick the cream of the crop for our subscription boxes. We don't want our subscribers to ever have to settle for food items that are anything short of exceptional.

Our subscriber boxes are outstanding value for your money. They cost just $39 on a monthly basis. If you subscribe, you receive the aforementioned six to eight German products. That's not all you receive, either. That's because we also give subscribers several classic recipes straight from Deutschland. If you want to be able to prepare all of your favorite German options, then we can easily help you do so.

We send these boxes to our subscribers' doorsteps, plain and simple. Once you open your monthly box up, voila! You're more than ready to nosh on all of the finest foods Germany has to offer. Remember, too, that you can put your subscription on hold as you desire. You can end it as you desire as well. There are no limitations here.

We know how to make German products look appetizing as can be. That's because our subscriptions come in lovely and eye-catching gift boxes that are decorative in vibe. If you cherish timeless and enduring German styles and patterns, then you won't be able to turn away from our subscription boxes.

You can pick your preferred subscription span. We present people with subscriptions that last for three or six months. We present them with subscriptions that last for 12 months total as well. Shipping rates are part of our monthly subscription box prices. If you subscribe, you'll be able to get a gift certificate from us monthly. If your sign up for our boxes, your existing subscription will terminate as soon as the duration passes. That means that you don't have to deal with stopping anything all by yourself.

Who Is Behind This Internet Shop?

This website was established by Michael Pirro, a native of Germany. Although Pirro comes from Germany, he currently resides thousands and thousands of miles away from the European nation in sunny Florida in the Southeastern region of the United States. He's aware of the fact that there are countless people in the United States who adore foods from Germany. That's exactly what motivated him to introduce his website to the public. He's aware of the fact that going all the way to Germany can be costly. He's aware of the fact that it can call for a substantial time commitment as well. That's exactly why his site exists today. He longs to accommodate people who are unable to go the nation on their own.

It can be pretty tough to find German dining establishments anywhere in the United States. Although they're without a doubt out there, they're few and far between. If you want to savor German tastes with maximum convenience and ease, then nothing can make more sense for you than to sign up for a monthly subscription box. Our subscription boxes are always brimming with marvelous German tastes. They have the unpredictability factor as well. It can be exhilarating to wonder what will emerge in your latest one. Contact us for more details about superb German food. Jump to top