Shake Up Your Kitchen With An International Food Box

Are you bored of eating the same old foods day in and day out? Are you intrigued by the thought of having authentic international foods sent directly to your home? Do you love trying new recipes and ethnic cuisine and treats?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, an International food Box, like the one offered by German Food Box, provides an excellent way to satisfy your taste for original, authentic foods.

Mix Things Up At Snacktime Or Meal Time

If you are like most people, it's easy to fall into the same old boring meal and snack time habits. But the truth is, there is more to life than just eating bags of chips, mass-produced snack foods, and take out meals. There is an entire world full of food possibilities available to you, so you never have to settle for ordinary or mediocre food at meals or for snacks if you don't want to.

Try New German Food Items Every Month

When you order a foreign food box from the German Food Box, you can expect to get a variety of six to eight different authentic German foods. Every month, the items included in the international food box get hand-selected and curated by experts to ensure that it is a real sample of the snacks and foods of German culture.

Examples of foods and snacks you can expect to sample include:

Weisswurst - Weisswurst is an Austro-Bavarian sausage made from pork back bacon and minced veal. Unlike other types of sausages, weisswurst is white. Traditionally, weisswurst gets prepared by boiling them in water. However, these sausages may also get cooked by grilling, sauteeing, or pan-frying if preferred. A popular food at Oktoberfests and German festivals, it is typically served with mustard and other traditional cuisines.

Bratwurst - Bratwurst is another popular form of German sausage likely to get sampled in your foreign food box. Bratwurst sausage ingredients include veal and pork. Bratwurst can get grilled or pan-fried in beer for extra flavor. Like weisswurst, this popular pub food is always a favorite at festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations.

Spaetzle - Spaetzle is an authentic egg noodle or pasta popular in Austria, southern Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, and Slovenia. They are unique in that they aren't quite a noodle or a pasta. Instead, they are more like dumplings with a pleasing texture and taste. These noodles are an excellent side dish or cooked as part of a main dish or casserole. Add butter, gravy, or vegetables for an authentically delicious meal.

Kartoffelpuffer - Authentic Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes or fritters, are delicious and perfect for any meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Made of shredded potatoes and shallow fried in a pan, they are crispy and mouthwatering. This delightful side dish may also get referred to as Reibekuchen. Often served with applesauce, they are perfect night or day.

German Breads - The perfect addition to any meal, german loaves of bread including Weizenmischbrot pairs perfectly with other regional and traditional favorites. Bread is a staple in traditional cuisine, and there are over six hundred main types of bread served in the region. With German Food Box, subscribers get the opportunity to sample some of the best bread available in German markets today. People who like sweet bread are sure to love Stollen. Stollen is a bread that contains dried fruit. Often, Stollen gets covered with powdered sugar or icing. You can seldom go wrong with a Bavarian Pretzel served with spicy mustard or beer cheese.

Pastries And Desserts - Who doesn't enjoy a sweet treat to finish a satisfying German-inspired meal? With German Food Box, subscribers get to sample a variety of german desserts, including Black Forest Gateau (Black Forest Cake,) German Chocolate Bars, Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake,) Kaesekuchen (German Cheesecake,) Rote Gruetze (Red Berry Pudding,) and Fruit and Quark Pastries, or any number of twelve hundred pastries produced in Germany.

International Food Box

Authentic German Food Delivered To Your Doorstep

With the demand for home food delivery on the rise, now is the perfect time to take advantage of getting authentic German food delivered directly to your doorstep.

We help to save our subscribers time by eliminating the need to find a grocery store that carries the best authentic German foods. You don't need to drive, or even have to decide what food products are the best.

If you love German food, but you don't have time or the money to travel to Germany to enjoy it, we source and ship directly to your home for an affordable price. All packages are gift wrapped, so when your box arrives, there is even more excitement when you open it to discover what six to eight products it contains.

Each Month Brings A New Box

Our convenient and affordable subscription plan ensures you never miss your fix of original German food. Typically, boxes get shipped by USPS to all active American subscribers in the middle of the month. Shipping times may vary from one to three business days. At this time, German Food Box delivery is only available for residents of the United States.

What's Included

Each monthly box includes:
- German Gift Box
- Six to Eight German Products - Authentic
- Mouthwatering Traditional German Recipes In Each Box

Each box has beautiful gift wrapping that makes opening the box even that much more fun and exciting. For gift subscription Users included gift certificates offer additional savings for customers of the subscription service.

Multiple Orders Accepted

If one box isn't enough to satisfy your cravings for German food, subscribers are welcome to request more than one German Food box at a time. Please note when ordering multiple boxes at the same time, your ongoing subscription will include the total amount of boxes you initially ordered. For instance, if you request three boxes at the same time in one month, you will get charged for the same number of boxes on your upcoming renewals.

Why Choose German Food Box

Michael Pirro founded the German Food Box. As a German living in Florida, and a taste and love of authentic German food, he was inspired to share his passion for German fare. To do so, he established German Food Box as a way for subscribers to get a taste of their most favorite food items without all the hassle of sourcing and shopping for the things they love the most.
If you feel like you can't get enough authentic German food, this is a perfect way to sample items you've never had access to in the United States.
Each month features a variety of hand-picked items, so it's surprising and fun to get the box and find out what is inside. We take care and go the extra mile to ensure variety and an assortment of goods, so subscribers don't get bored.

Get Inspired!

If you are searching for inspiration to create more German dishes at home, this food box serves as a terrific starting point. Included recipes provide instructions for cooking these items in the German tradition, or creating your authentic dishes entirely from scratch.
For people who love to host company and serve German food, the recipes provided in the food box are a terrific source of inspiration for complete meals and side dishes you can fix from the comfort of your home with ingredients you can find at the store.
German food box helps to provide the information and products you need to become a skilled chef.

Save Yourself A Trip To Germany

These days, you no longer have to travel to Germany to enjoy some of the most delectable German foods available today. You just need to sign up for your foreign food box delivery to your preferred address, or addresses. We'll take care of all the product selection and shipping!

Gift Subscriptions

If you need a unique gift idea for the person who has everything - and enjoys German food - the German Food Box is an innovative and entertaining gift idea. Gift subscriptions are available in three months, six months, and twelve-month terms. Discounted pricing is available for six month and annual payment terms.

Order Yours Today

Spice up your meals and snack times with authentic German foods you're sure to love. At German Food Box, we strive to make each monthly box unique, so that you get to enjoy a wide range of the best foods Germany has to offer.
Don't forget about your friends and family! The German food box is the perfect surprise gift for friends and loved ones.
If you are ready to spice things up and put the days of mediocre and ordinary meals and snacks behind you, the German Food box is the solution to boredom in the kitchen. We're here to help you shake things up.