German Food Explained

Sample Some Of Germany's Most Delectable Cuisine

If you haven't heard of German Food Box yet, don't worry. It's one of the best held secrets on the Internet right now. Anyone who has attended an Oktoberfest celebration, or grabbed a bratwurst from their favorite amusement park, knows that German food is some of the most unique and tasty in all the world. While it's not as well-known as French and Italian fare, that's part of its charm. Of all the types of cuisine in the world, it's German food that offers you the most opportunity to explore all of the finest food you've yet to taste.

We all love surprises. Think of German Food Box as a collection of pleasant surprises that arrive on your doorstep every month. Consider it a gift to yourself and to your family. Every month, German Food Box crafts a box full of common German food just for you, and while it may be common food in German, to you it's going to be completely new, extraordinary food. It's like getting the whole menu of a country's food delivered to you over the course of the year.

Month by Month Control of your Subscription

Common German Food

Unlike many other food services, German Food Box believes in sharing some of its best foods right up front. Since you may not be familiar with German foods, the curators who create these boxes want you to know the kind of food that's available in these packages. The entire world knows that bratwurst is Germany's specialty. It's probably the first German food you either heard of or had for yourself. Other common German food items won't be so familiar to you, though, and it's important to have an up front glance at the types of food that your German Food Box subscription will bring to your door.

A Man with a Mission

The foods you'll get come from popular German brands. They're not just "German" in the sense that they're produced in Germany and enjoyed by folks in Germany. They're German all the way through in that they're the brands that most Germans prefer. You won't get anything but true blue quality German food. That's because the creator of German Food Box, a man named Michael, believes in sharing the best of German food. His own story and mission to create German Food Box began when he moved to Florida from Germany and discovered that the United States isn't all that well stocked in high quality German food. The selection in his part of Florida was poor at best and non-existent at its most frustrating.

You can imagine the disappointment this caused the lifelong fan of his native Germany's cuisine. Imagine loving pizza more than any other food on earth and suddenly finding yourself unable to find an authentic pie. It's not a pleasant thought is it? Well, it was just as unpleasant to Michael when he discovered that in most parts of the United States, you just can't find a good Weisswurst or batch of German potato fritters (Kartoffelpuffer). German Food Box was Michael's remedy to that unfortunate and disheartening situation.

A World of German Food Awaits You

If you've been living without German food most of your life, you've been living in the dark ages. In a world where international food barriers no longer exist - thanks in part to the Internet - there's no good excuse not to chow down on a sweet Schaumkuesse (chocolate-coated marshmallow treat) once in awhile. When you subscribe to German Food Box, you get a wonderfully diverse array of German food dishes. There will be sweet cakes, breads, and syrups. You'll receive exotic German sausages and pretzels. Side dishes are abundant as well, such as the aforementioned German potato fritters that are sure to become one of your family's favorite dishes of all time.

When you eat German food, you're exploring not just the taste of the dishes, but the rich history that German food communicates. It's appreciating the foods that are a part of Germany's past, present, and future, and since German food isn't as common in most parts of the world as Italian or Asian food, it's going to be an all-new type of foodie experience. Anyone who loves food is going to appreciate the change of pace that German food has to offer them. And for other German immigrants who find themselves frantically trying, and failing, to find their favorite German foods, it's a time to appreciate that pleasant one time every month when your German Food Box arrives and all is well with the world again.

Give the Gift of German Food

German Food Box makes a terrific birthday, Christmas, or any time gift for one of your loved ones. It also makes the perfect gift to give yourself. You will be able to share three different types of gift subscription if you choose to give the power of German Food Box away: 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions are available. The more months you buy for your loved one, the less you'll pay on the total subscription, and that's a good feeling. The more you give, the more you save.

If you choose to grab the subscription service for yourself, you'll get an elegant decorative box stocked full of mouth-watering German food selections. They've been lovingly selected to give you an experience that you'll smile over each and every month you stay subscribed. Once a month, without even having to leave your home, you'll receive a box full of things that will make you happy. You get 6-8 delicious German foods, recipe cards to show you how to craft even more great German dishes, and a box that's going to melt your heart. It's always a beautiful box chosen with love and care by people who want to share their love of German food with you.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of reading about delicious German food, it's time to join a club that gives you a simple way to get German foods delivered right to your door every month. The people who put these boxes together take a lot of time and care in creating them for you. You, in turn, get to enjoy a wide array of high quality German foods that will leave a lasting impression on you every month. It's good stuff, and you can get it delivered to your door today.