Five German Foods You Should Know About

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Germany is a marvelous place with a deeply rich culture that attracts visitors from around the world. It's home to over eighty million people. For centuries, people have chosen to make their homes here in the heart of Europe. In the process, they've made ample use of local resources. This is a country home to fertile fields that offer a vast array of produce ripe for the taking. If are German, of German descent or just interested in the region and all has to offer, one of the best ways to experience German culture is by eating it. There are lots of different types of German regional cuisines that dot the landscape from Bavaria to Munich. However, it can be said there are certain dishes that are commonly eaten in most parts of Germany. A German shop helps anyone get to know what kinds of food they might like to eat with German flair. There are lots to pick. If you are interested in German food, you'll want to start with an understanding of a few wonderful standards. Sample these fabulous items in your own house and get to know the amazing flavors of Germany firsthand.


Bratwurst is one of the all time classic German dishes and known throughout the world. People have been taking bratwurst with them when they want something they can eat on the go or sit down for a nice family meal. In Germany, they are offered just about everywhere you look. You can find them in the fine restaurants as well as offered from food trucks on the streets of Berlin. These are hearty sausages meant to be savored with every single bite. There are dozens of slightly different varies all over Germany. Some types make use of veal while others may use pork or beef inside. In addition to meat, you'll find all kinds of spices including lemon zest, nutmeg and lots of freshly ground pepper. Once the sausage is stuffed, it's most often grilled over hot coals. Many people love eating them with local German varieties of mustard or other condiments like mayo. They're the perfect food to bring with you on a stroll when you want something quick, hot and bursting with delightfully intense meaty goodness. Try ours from a German shop. You can also eat this one as part of a larger meal with your favorite potato preparation and a nice cold glass of German white wine or well chilled local glass of beer.

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Germans love their potatoes. Potatoes are grown in many parts of Germany and eaten all year round. People love the varied textures and different kinds of flavors that can be found from different varieties in the countryside. There are many different ways Germans choose to make use of this fabulous resource. One of the most common is what is known as Kartoffelpuffer or German potato fritters. These light and flaky pastries are essentially German potato pancakes. The Germans make patties and fry them lightly. They are traditionally served as an appetizer during Octoberfest. However, they can be found on menus all year long. There's onion and a bit of garlic added to the mixture before places serve it to their guests. The fritters are usually paired with different kinds of dips such as sour cream and apple sauce on the side or on top of each pancake. Many places serve them with a glass of beer. The thick texture of the pancake serves as a nice contrast to the flavors of the drink.

Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte

Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte is the German name for black forest cake. It's been a part of the culture of German eating for more than a century. You'll see it in bakeries in Germany as well as in other parts of the world when people want something rich and yet surprisingly light at the same time. The cake begins with a base of carefully baked chocolate sponge. Milk chocolate may be used but dark chocolate tends to be more common. Whipped cream is added between several layers. The whole cake is then wrapped up in additional whipped cream. Then cherries are added along with more chocolate across the top. Some Germans use cherries in between the layers of cake and the whipped cream. Sour cherries may be used to counter the sweetness. Kirschwasser, a favorite liquor made from the liquid of cherries is added to the cake. Under current German law, the Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte can only be called a Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte if the kirschwasser has been added to the cake. Many places make use of maraschino cherries to lend the cake a lot of color that can be seen from a distance. This is a good cake to mark a very special celebration such as a high school graduation or an anniversary party. Serve with lots of additional whipped cream on the side for your guests to enjoy.


Like so many other cultures, Germans love a good celebration. These are people who are delighted to welcome in many different kinds of holidays all year long with lots of amazing food. Many German foods are specifically eaten during a certain holiday. One such food is the kind of filled bread known as stollen. This is where cake and bread meet to the benefit of both. The rich dough is studded with lots of different kinds of dried fruit that have been soaking in brandy for many hours first. It's also filled with toasted nuts to give it additional heft and delight the eater. Candied orange peel, almonds, and even marzipan may be added for fun. The round loaf is then baked carefully and topped with powdered sugar once it is pulled from the oven. Many parts of Germany love a round loaf and all it represents when they think about the coming holiday season.

There's even a festival in Dresden entirely devoted to celebrating the eating and making of stollen in every way. You can eat your own plain as a snack or for dessert. Many people choose to pair it with a sauce. A lovely cream or custard sauce is an ideal thing that an stand up to the texture of the stollen. A little bit of warmed butter smeared across the top also works. Have a slice and be part of a tradition that's been part of German life for many centuries.


Meaning little bird or sparrow in a German dialect, Spaetzle have been adored in Germany for many years. They're just as popular today all over the country. These are a favorite small German pasta designed to hold up to thick sauces. They have traditionally made by hand. This is a process still followed in many places in Germany where cooks take great pride in the lightness of their version. Egg is added to the dough to bring in welcome richness just right for eating on a cold winter evening. The aim is moist and comforting product that speaks of home. The dough may also have meat added to it for a festive occasion. These are little dumplings that absorb lots of different kinds of flavors with ease. If you want to serve them at home, you'll find they pair well with lots of other dishes. Put some in soup for a cup and a meal that's filling and easy to bring with you outside. They make the ideal base for a stew that's been simmering on the stove for hours. Put the dumplings in and watch them bring out the other flavors of the stew nicely. These are a useful, versatile addition to any kitchen today.

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