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Miss the Hofbrau Haus, Oompah Band and Schnitzels?
An epidemic may cause a stronger yen for an authentic German Hofbrau Haus, the fun and lively Oompah Band and tempting aroma of one of the famous German schnitzels. Take heart. German food online can your restore your desire for authentic German food products.

German Food Lovers Unite
If you've never had an authentic German breakfast, lunch or dinner, you've missed one of the world's tastiest treats. German food online is a way of introducing a cuisine bound to satisfy any appetite. This may also be a good time to purchase German food online you prepare at home. There are German grocery shops online where you can order groceries for your pantry that include items like:
. German sour cherry jam
. Plum jam
. Authentic German mustards
. Sausages
. Snacks and treats
. Spaetzle
. German seasonings
. Sauerkraut
. Wursts
. German style cake mixes
. Spices
. Oils and vinegars

Serve a German Food Soiree
Some German food online you order is non-perishables and can remain in your pantry for weeks or months.

Sausages, wursts and other smoked meats freeze nicely for do ahead German style menus. Make a difference in the usual weekly menu and serve one meal with a German accent.

Don't Let Sauerbrauten Scare You
If you love sauerbrauten, this is an entree that is easy to prepare even if the authentic ingredient, venison, is not available.

Substitute venison with a nice beef rump roast. Sauerbrauten needs to marinate in a brine of light vinegar, oil, raw onion and herb like bay leaf and fresh dill. The traditional recipe for sauerbraten calls for crushed ginger snaps.

Soak beef rump roast in brine for up to two days. You can prepare a faster version with beef skirt steak and vinegar/oil/herb brine that only needs to marinate overnight.

The Wonderful World of German Schnitzels
German schnitzels are basically beef, chicken, veal or pork dredged in flour, an egg wash and day old bread crumbs and deep fried.

Spaetzle goes well with this. As a side, serve thinly sliced red cabbage sauteed with onions and a dollup of German sauerkraut. Red cabbage is relatively sweet when combined with onions and sauerkraut. For extra zing, add a whisper of apple cider vinegar to taste.

The meat you choose should be thinly sliced and pounded. Today, thin sliced chicken, pork and beef are readily available in most grocery and meat markets. Weinerschnitzel is made from a thinly pounded veal cutlet. Jaeger Schnitzel is made from thinly pounded pork cutlets. These can also be ordered online and are precooked and need only reheating.

With families staying home during an epidemic, a meal of schnitzel, spaetzle and sauteed red cabbage and onions will fill your kitchen with an irresistible aroma even the littlest family members love.

Add Interest to the Weekday with a German Breakfast
When you purchase your German food products online, you find you can become very creative about breakfasts. Traditional German breakfasts usually consist of crusty loaves of bread, cheeses, sausages and jams.

However, if your family is partial to a hearty breakfast, you'll be glad to know you have options like Speckpfannkuchen which is a pancake with a filling and garnished with crispy bacon.

For vegetarians, there is Flaedle also a pancake but rolled and sliced, with an herb filling like parsley, chervil and chives. You can substitute green onion if chives are not available. Top with sour cream or serve small curd, creamed cottage cheese as a side.

Since Flaedle is made from flour, eggs and milk, it is possible to add sugar to make a sweet Flaedle for the kiddies. Brush with jam or preserves and add fresh fruit. Roll and garnish with powdered sugar. Most food products you purchase online include German pancake mixes.

German Lunch the Fast and Easy Way

German Food Online

If life has become somewhat sedentary, make lunch a little more proactive with a self serve tray of crusty sliced breads, cheeses and fresh sliced fruits and veggies.

With everyone home bound, there is time to rethink our food choices. Serve a German lunch of food products ordered online and delivered to your door. You can also forage in your German food product stocked pantry when it's time for lunch.

One Stop Shopping at Your Fingertips
Everyone loves convenience even when they are settled into a new home bound lifestyle. There is an easy way to enjoy authentic German foods without having to plan menus every week.

The answer is to subscribe in an authentic German food product service online. The innovative, German Michael Pirro created the perfect answer: German Food Box.

With travel restricted due to the epidemic, there is no need to deny yourself of your favorite German food products.

How German Food Box Works
To become a member of German Food Box, visit Next, subscribe to German Food Box and receive authentic German food products delivered to your home every month. You are assured of the opportunity to enjoy your favorite German menus.

Each box you receive monthly contains six authentic German products that vary month to month.

It's a treat to receive a decorative gift box from German Food Box and for extra value, a traditional recipe is included.

It's like having a German chef right in your kitchen to guide you from preparation to presentation.

Michael Pirro brings you nostalgic memories of Germany for every meal while you get to create with German Food Box's highest quality products.

Serve the bratwurst at lunch or dinner and weisswurst and spaetzle for dinner. These are just a few of the products available. Most are ready to serve and save a lot of prep time and post meal clean up.

The Best Part of German Food Box Products
With each delivery of German Food Box products, you and your family will look forward to an adventure in German style meals without having to leave home.

A delivery of German Food Box products becomes the highlight of the month for kids who may be tiring of the sameness of confinement to home base.

Today is the Day to Join
Whenever something new and exciting happens online, it goes viral through social media and word of mouth. Become a member of the German Food Box community and share your love of German food with your family and friends on your social media sites.

By sharing your German Food Box recipes and serving ideas, you expand the value of your purchases. It's also a good way to stay in contact with social media friends you may not be able to visit in person.

When the news about German Food Box is this good, sharing is even better. To learn more about German Food Box, visit Take the time to peruse the site and get the information you need to subscribe. It's a great feeling to know you are part of a German food loving community.

Put German Food Box on Your Gift List
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The receiver of a German Food Box subscription as a gift will love and appreciate your good wishes and delightfully tasty German food products they will receive monthly.

Create your gift list for the holidays and decrease the last minute gift shopping with subscriptions to German Food Box.

You might even find you can lighten holiday menu planning with authentic German foods that make a true holiday difference.

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